Some dumb thing I made
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This is some dumb thing that will take messages from telegram and relay through to a web application.

I've provided a simple PHP script that does a channel thing to show a "notification". On my Nexus 6P, if the phone is unlocked, and the page is still loaded while Chrome is in memory, the alert will bring the user to my notification page

Getting Started

  • Clone this repo and enter it
  • $ virtualenv venv
  • $ source venv/bin/activate
  • $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Register with the Telegram Botfather (
  • Register with Pusher (
  • create with the following environment variables and fill them with the corrosponding values
    • telegram_token
    • pusher_appid
    • pusher_key
    • pusher_secret
  • $ python
  • On your web server, place the index.php file and allow it to get arguments
  • edit the index.php to have your pusher appid
  • send your bot /start to see if it responds


IDK what will happen if you try to send a message to the bot without doing a /start first