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A general purpose server that can be used with pixo-thiclient

What's the purpose?

The goal for this server is to communicate with the API provided by pixo-thinclient and provide various example methods such as

  • Uploading images provided to it to the pixo
  • Send commands to show images
  • management of all settings via web UI
  • Reading accelerometer data
  • OTA Updates (user provides compiled binary)
  • Polling various sites for notifications and showing them on the pixo

What is pixo-pixel?

Pixo Pixel is a 16x16 REB LED display, using an ESP32 microcontroller and a 3-axis Accelerometer + Gyro.

Originally created by Sean Hodgens as a Make 100, the hardware is interesting but no general purpose firmware has been created publically. I've contributed to the project a bit in the past here, in the form of updating the readme and also some expansion/rewriting of example display functions.