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We are now version 1.0.2
This is from the change to the context menu.
The api key system will move us into the next major version when I get it complete
2014-12-09 14:42:10 -06:00
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lob.li - Objective Link Shortener

- This is a link shortener, more structured and refined from the UnPS shortener (found https://github.com/UPSolutions/unps.us-Shortener)
- With more focus towards stability and ease of use. 

Core code will be based off of Short version 4-2.9 and versions will be determined as follows:

- First period: Major release version
- Second Period: Minor release version
- Third Period: Current Stable version
- Fourth Period: Current Testing version
- Fifth Period: Current Dev version
- Sixth Period: Current commit version (incremented every commit by 1)

- So if the version is, it should be read as:
    - Version 1.5 Third Stable release - live at http://lob.li
    - Version 1.5.3 Sixth Testing (Beta) release - live at http://dev.lob.li
    - Version Second Developing (Unstable or broken) release - Not live
    - Number of commits since last developing version

This project will consist of three branches: - unstable (dev) - beta - stable (master)

Please only run the stable or beta in live environments, unstable might have bugs or might not even work at all