A responsive, minimal theme for Pelican that uses UIkit.
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Build Status

A minimal theme for Pelican that uses uikit. The theme is suited for a single author blog. Feeds are provided via ATOM.

This theme was developped with accessibility in mind, but may not be perfectly WCAG-compliant.


Here is how the home page look like

mg home page screenshot

This is the article page

mg article page screenshot

The home page on a smartphone

mg home page smartphone top screenshot mg home page smartphone bottom screenshot

This is the article layout on a smartphone screen

mg article page smartphone top screenshot

Live Example

Check out my blog.


  • Open Graph support.
  • Twitter Summary Card support.
  • Schema.org support.
  • Search with DuckDuckGo.
  • Responsive design.
  • Comment with DISQUS or inno
  • SCSS style sheets.
  • Analytics with Google Analytics, PIWIK and StatCounter.
  • Share buttons built with share urls.
  • Custom footer notice.
  • W3C-Validated HTML
  • Home page images lazy-loading


This template uses the representative_image and image_process plugins, so you will need to:

./run.sh install && ./run.sh dev_install


The following settings are required for a correct behaviour of this theme.

If you want to use the theme with search enabled (and probably you want it).

    TAG_SAVE_AS = ''
    DIRECT_TEMPLATES = ('index', 'categories', 'archives', 'past_readings')

If you want to use mg with search disabled.

    TAG_SAVE_AS = ''
    DIRECT_TEMPLATES = ('index', 'categories', 'archives')

Optional settings

ALT_NAME An alternative name for your site. It appears in the header bar.

DESCRIPTION A brief description of your site, for social networks and search engines.

DISABLE_SEARCH Disable search, boolean.

FAVICON The relative path of your favicon, this is needed for Disqus forum favicon.

FAVICON_TYPE The MIME type of your favicon, this is needed for Disqus forum favicon.

FOOTER A custom footer notice.

META_IMAGE The absolute URL of a custom image for the og:image meta property, Twitter summary card, and image meta property of Schema.org. This image is used in every page of the blog. Articles and pages can override the default META_IMAGE by setting the "image" metadata in the relative file.

META_IMAGE_TYPE The MIME type for META_IMAGE, this is needed for og:image:type.

SC_PROJECT The StatCounter project number.

SC_SECURITY The StatCounter security code for the project.

SHARE Enable share buttons, boolean.

SOCIAL A list of tuples (icon, URL). The icons are from [Font Awesome] (http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/). The suffix "-square" is removed in the footer icons of the small screen layout. e.g.

    SOCIAL = (('twitter', 'https://twitter.com/luca_chr'),
              ('google-plus-square', 'https://plus.google.com/117284397605208270870'),
              ('github', 'https://github.com/lucachr'),
              ('envelope', 'mailto:luca92web@gmail.com'),)

SUPPORTS An optional list of tuples (img_alt, url, logo_url, title)

READINGS An optional list of dict, with img_url & description fields, of books you read, from most recent to oldest.

ISSO_BASE_URL An optional URL to an isso endpoint (serving /js/embed.dev.js).

MG_DISABLE_SUMMARY If you do not manually provide a summary on your articles, set this to True so that that the articles summary is not included on the index / search result pages.

MG_NO_EXCERPT Set this to True, if you do not want to display the last article in full on the index page.

MG_FILTER_TAGS and MG_LANG_FILTER_TAGS Define those variables as list of tag names if you want to enable the tag filtering buttons.

EXTRA_ATOM_FEED An extra URL providing an Atom feed of updates that you want inserted along the blog Atom feed.

Example Configuration

This is the settings file for Dev's Bytes.

    #!/usr/bin/env python
    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #
    from __future__ import unicode_literals

    AUTHOR = 'Luca Chiricozzi'
    SITENAME = "Dev's Bytes"
    ALT_NAME = "#! " + SITENAME
    SITESUBTITLE = "Random programming stuff"
    DESCRIPTION = "A blog about programming, *nix, and software development."
    SITEURL = 'http://www.devsbytes.com'
    FAVICON = 'favicon.ico'
    FAVICON_TYPE = 'image/vnd.microsoft.icon'

    META_IMAGE = SITEURL + "/static/img/og_logo.jpg"
    META_IMAGE_TYPE = "image/jpeg"

    PATH = 'content'

    TIMEZONE = 'Europe/Rome'

    DEFAULT_LANG = 'en'
    LOCALE = 'en_GB'

    THEME = "themes/mg"

    # Social widget
    SOCIAL = (('twitter', 'https://twitter.com/luca_chr'),
              ('google-plus-square', 'https://plus.google.com/+LucaChiricozzi'),
              ('github', 'https://github.com/lucachr'),
              ('envelope', 'mailto:luca92web@gmail.com'),)

    SHARE = True

    FOOTER = ("&copy; 2015 Luca Chiricozzi. All rights reserved.<br>" +
              "Code snippets in the pages are released under " +
              "<a href=\"http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT\" target=\"_blank\">" +
              "The MIT License</a>, unless otherwise specified.")


    TAG_SAVE_AS = ''
    PLUGINS = ['representative_image']
    DIRECT_TEMPLATES = ('index', 'categories', 'archives')


    FEED_ALL_ATOM = 'feeds/all.atom.xml'


    TWITTER_USERNAME = 'luca_chr'
    # DISQUS_SITENAME = "devsbytes"
    # SC_PROJECT = '10224955'
    # SC_SECURITY = '1f2cc438'


mg is released under the MIT License.