A small utility that will read from multiple files and type them at a predefined speed
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autotyper, totally not nefarious at all.

The only requirement other than stdlib is `keyboard`, which can be installed with `pip install -r requirements.txt`. It is recommended to run this in a virtualenv

This is a simple program that takes the following arguments: `python main.py <delay> <filenames>`
* delay - This is the amount of time in seconds to wait between typing each character. Accepts float values to make it go fast
* filenames - All other arguments will be considered a file, and the script will attempt to read each one sequentially

If you are running this on a POSIX system, you will need to be root as this will create a dummy keyboard device

There is a kill switch that you can press at any time (F6), which will abort the script.
There is also a 5 second grace period before the program will start typing.

License: MIT